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Public Relations

A proactive, planned, and sustained series of published strategic articles maintains that editorial interest and is at the heart of an aggressive marketing-oriented public relations program.

We have a high hit rate for getting strategic articles published in the leading trade press – both print and online.

These PR tactics help to build your industry and technology leadership, credibility, reputation, plus, pave the way toward more effective sales.

DGPR has successfully helped a number of high-tech clients to build greater market awareness for their products using a tried and proven PR methodology for getting client articles published in such major IT/enterprise and electronics technology publications as:

  • Redmond Magazine
  • MSDN Magazine
  • TechNet Magazine
  • CRM Magazine
  • Electronic Design
  • EE Times
  • Wireless Design & Development
  • Printed Circuit Design & Fab
  • SMT Magazine
  • Circuits Assembly Magazine
  • Assembly Magazine
  • Medical Design Magazine
  • ECN
  • Computer Technology Review
  • Enterprise Strategies (online)
  • RTC Magazine
  • COTs Magazine
  • Military & Aerospace Electronics
  • And many others.     

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Dan Garza - DGPR
14938 Camden Avenue
Ste 214
San Jose, CA 95124
Ph: (408) 866-5125